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15 Jan

More years of education are associated with a lower dementia risk. (In brief, Aging. Monitor on Psychology, 2017, February, p. 10.)



5 Oct

When learning a new language, listen to it while doing other things and listen silently, rather than saying the sounds at the same time you are listening. (Greenwood, V. Scientific American Mind, 2017, 28(1),p.8)


31 Aug

In middle age, any type of of exercise more strenuous than walking is associated with better cognitive health 25 years later. (In brief. Keep moving. Monitor on Psychology, 2016. December, p. 13)


19 Apr

“As mounting evidence shows, self-compassion is typically a source of both personal and interpersonal strength, making self-compassionate individuals more emotionally stable, more motivated to improve themselves and generally better to be with.(p. 66)”(Krakovsky, M. The self-compassion solution. Scientific American Mind, 2017, 28(3) 64-69)