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Work Relationships

11 Jan

Incivility at work can be a slippery slope with rudeness inviting more of the same. (In brief. Rudeness at work. Monitor on Psychology, 2017, January, 13-14.)



3 Dec

Recently many more people are against their children marrying someone of the opposing political party than someone of a different race. (Doherty, W. Is there hope for a divided America? Psychotherapy Networker. 2017, November, December, 22-29 & 54)


19 Nov

Men feel more romantically secure when they have grown up in warm families. (In brief. A lifetime of warmth. Monitor on Psychology, 2017, January, p. 11-12)


28 Sep

Since 2002, more people approve of living together before marriage, premarital sex, and having children outside marriage, but fewer approve of divorce. (Winerman, L. Sex, marriage and child rearing. Monitor on Psychology, 2016, December, p. 16)


14 Sep

The happiness of spouses predicts the health of their partners. (In brief. In sickness and in health. Monitor on Psychology, 2016, December, p.14)


5 Aug

Researchers asked one-half of the sampled partners about how they felt today about their most recent relationship conflicts and the other half were asked about how they would feel about those conflicts one year later. Those told to take the long view were more forgiving. (In brief. Relationship repair. Monitor on Psychology, 2016, November, p. 13)


30 Jul

Married and co-habitating people drink less alcohol than singletons. (In brief. Marriage is sobering. Monitor on Psychology, 2016, November, p.11)