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27 May

There is a fear of being laughed at. For those who have this phobia, all laughter is suspect. It is probably treatable, but “the bad news is it might be hard to convince someone who dreads laughter to visit a therapist who might smile at patients to put them at ease” (p.9)(Zaraska, M. No laughing matter. Scientific American Mind, 2017, 28(3), 9)


Treatment Effects

20 May

A meta-analysis of 2075 studies with over 20,000 patients showed personality changes from psychotherapy and medications. After an average of 24 weeks of treatment, patients became significantly less neurotic and somewhat more extroverted than pre-treatment. (In brief. Monitor on Psychology, 2017, 48(4), p. 12)

Mental Health

22 Apr

Most people will have emotional problems that reach diagnostic proportions at some point in their lives. Life-long mental health is the exception and occurs in a minority of the population.(In brief. Monitor on Psychology, 2017, 48(2), p. 11)


4 Apr

The areas of the brain that may be responsible for consciousness appear to be located in the posterior area of the neocortex with some involvement from some anterior regions. However, it may take decades, even centuries, to locate the kinds of neural activities that underlie the diversity of human experiences. (Koch, C. The footprints of consciousness. Scientific American Mind, 2017, 28(2), 52-59)


2 Apr

Hugh Molson: I will look at any additional evidence to confirm the opinion to which I have already come.


29 Mar

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: This pedestal women are supposed to stand on more often than not turns out to be a cage.”


25 Mar

Recent research suggests that national corruption harms national prosperity and the honesty of its citizens. However, there is a limit to people’s dishonesty, even if they come from very corrupt countries. (Makin, S. National corruption breeds national dishonesty. Scientific American Mind, 2017, 28(2), p. 15)